the aerie is home to nine studio spaces, eight hot desks and STUDIO TWENTY-THREE, a10.5m x 8.5m (90sqm) photographic studio in the pipeline, that will offer an affordable and beautiful space for shooting both stills and moving images (more images to come).



Studios at the aerie range in size from 23sqm – 7sqm and can be rented on a yearly/ six-monthly or monthly basis for $12/sqm/week.





In the aerie’s inspiring open-plan space, all but two studios have natural light streaming into them, as well as access to state of the art connectivity, a meeting room, a standing desk, access to a large format printer, kitchen and bathroom facilities, pigeonholes and more.



Four studios are more private although they are very much a part of the collaborative space.


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From just $80/ week you can hire a 1.5m-wide space on our custom-made 11m-long hot desk. Right in the heart of the action, this buys you high-speed Wi-Fi, power, desk storage, private meeting room, standing desk, large-format printing, kitchen and bathroom facilities (including bath/ shower), tea, coffee, cereal, your own pigeonhole and the chance to work in a wholly collaborative space.





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the aerie has a private meeting room, custom-designed standing/ seated desk, kitchen and bathroom facilities (including bath/ shower), large-format printer, pigeonholes, and free tea, coffee, cereal and hugs…

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