Small is beautiful: artist-run collectives count, but they’re facing death by a thousand cuts

By: Maria Miranda DECRA research fellow, University of Melbourne, for The Conversation. In an open letter to the PM, the federation of national peak arts organisations ArtsPeak has asked him to turn back the tide of relentless funding cuts to arts groups. It reads, in part: We have witnessed sector budget cuts, funding administration changes and destabilising implementation … These… Read more →

Why Sydney needs artists in the CBD

By Elizabeth Farrelly, Sydney Morning Herald, 18 February, 2016   Okay. So, premise. Poor people are not just failed rich people. And our presumption that they are is as cliched and reductivist as the (mono)-culture it produces. The poor – defined here as those in need of housing help – are critical city players, and not just as economy-fodder. We… Read more →

Real estate is a blood sport

“As any observer of urban renewal knows, artists have a long track record of cultivating an energy that often evolves a place into a true experience, generating creative spaces and an innovative atmosphere that locals and visitors can enjoy.” Sunshine Flint, BBC   But in Sydney, as a scourge of developers raze the last vestiges of Sydney’s industrial inner heart – Redfern, Chippendale, St… Read more →

Open plan creativity

    the aerie is boldly open-plan, a cavernous warehouse loft cradled beneath ancient beams, and increasingly filled with inner west creatives. It’s not for some, but for those of us who co-work in this elysian space, with its rusted truss and saw-toothed rooves, the gentle traction of multiple people’s working endeavour is inspiring and uplifting.     In his article Proof… Read more →

Open for business!

Are you grappling with the Catch 22 of working from home, in which the washing up suddenly looks appealing or digging up the veggie patch swallows your deadline? Are you looking to expand? Want to connect with other start-ups or collaborate on a project? Welcome to the aerie, St Peters newest creative co-working space, straddling the highest point of the… Read more →

She’s coming up roses…

  At the aerie, St Peters newest creative co-working space, cradled in the rafters of the old brick factory that is Tortuga Studios, the crew have been hard at it, painting, sanding, scrubbing and making magic… Beneath aged beams and rusted pipes lies treasure, long hidden space that is gilded in light. Here are some progress shots of the late afternoon… Read more →